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SPACE Meetings Veneto 2024

We are pleased to inform you that 10Micron, in collaboration with the European Distributor Baader Planetarium, will attend the SPACE […]


We’re proud to introduce our last mount: the AZ2500 DDS, specifically designed for high performances required in satellite tracking, laser […]


We are very excited to introduce our new PEGASUS tripod for GM2000 series mounts. The PEGASUS is a new wooden […]


Our staff we’ll attend the  NEAF 2023 (Northeast Astronomy Forum) on April 15th and 16th and the NEAIC 2023 (Northeast […]


We are very excited to introduce our new GM2000 HPS II Combi. This German Equatorial mount combines the solid stability […]

AME 2019

AME 2019 We’re glad to announce our atendance at the big exhibition “AME 2019” (Astronomie Messe 2019) at Baader Planetarium […]

10Micron…Precision Landing!

Celebrate Apollo 11 50° anniversary with a 10Micron mount! July 20th 1969 A milestone for the mankind.   10Micron wants […]

New 2019 catalogs

New 2019 catalogs! With all the new products and updated information! Download here

Astronomy Magazine 2018 STAR PRODUTC

The prestigious Astronomy Magazine elected our GM1000 HPS as the nr.1 of the eighth “STAR PRODUCTS” for 2018! 1 – […]


Our staff we’ll attend the NEAIC 2019 (Northeast Astro Imaging Conference) on April 4th and 5th and the NEAF 2019 […]

European Astrofest 2019

Our staff we’ll attend the European Astrofest 2109 in London, on 8th and 9th February: Find us at David Hinds […]

AME 2018

We’re glad to announce our atendance at the big exhibition “AME 2018” (Astronomie Messe 2018) at Baader Planetarium stand Our […]

ATT 2018

The ATT is the biggest European exhibition of astronomical equipment, especially for amateur astronomers. 10Micron team will be at the Baader Planetarium […]

Star Party and AS&T 2017 in Saint-Barthélemy

10Micron invite you to come visit to the great Star Party and Astronomy Science and Technology Expo 2017 in Saint-Barthélemy […]

Solar Eclipse 2017 and Summer Holidays

August 21th 2017: the Solar Eclipse is getting close …… 10Micron team and dealers will attend the great event in […]

New Double carrying bag GM1000

These cordura, light bags are designed to recycle the shaped padding included in the transport cardboard box #10M1066 (usually provided […]

New Maxi 4″ XL Dovetail clamping plate

The new Maxi 4″ XL is a very sturdy clamping plate; thank’s to a lenght of 350mm and 3 locking […]

Starfest 2017 Ontario

Starfest, organized by the North York Astronomical Association, is recognized as one of the world’s top 10 star parties! Starfest is held at […]

ATT 2017

The ATT is the biggest European exhibition of astronomical equipment, especially for amateur astronomers. 10Micron team will be at the Baader Planetarium […]

NEAF 2017

North East Astronomy Forum World’s Largest Astronomy & Space Expo April 8 & 9, 2017 NEAF is renowned worldwide as […]

10Micron at CEDIC 2017

We are glad to announce that 10Micron team will partecipate at the 2017 edition of the CEDIC (Central European Deepsky […]

Astrofest 2017 – London

Visit Astrofest 2017 in London and see our products! Our dealers will be present at the exibition with some of […]

New product: Half Pillar for GM1000 HPS

We are glad to introduce the new Half Pillar for GM1000 HPS: the Half Pillar is an important accessory that […]

Salon de l’Astronomie – Paris

10Micron products will be exposed at Baader Planetarium and Optique Unterlinden stands, at the exibition “Salon de l’Astronomie”, organized for […]

Website in French Language

We are glad to introduce the French version of our website! Nous sommes trèe heureux de vous présenter la version […]

New forum 10Micron

We are glad to introduce our new forum, which offers more features and an easier interface; users already registered can just […]

AME 2016 – International astronomy fair

10Micron partecipated at the astronomy fair “AME 2016”, at the Baader Planetarium stand in September 10th. The event took place in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany), in […]

AZ5000 DDS video

A short video demonstrating the 40°/sec slewing speed of the AZ5000 DDS with direct drive motors; the payload is a Planewave CDK […]

Assembling a 24″ optics on the AZ5000

Our team demonstrates the preliminary phases to place a Planewave CDK 24″ optical tube on the AZ5000 DDS Mount, using the […]

New AZ DDS direct drive mounts

One of our last project is a new generation of professional robotic mounts, in altazimuthal fork configuration with integrated derotator/focuser, […]

New 10Micron website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website. Our new home page has a fresh […]

10Micron at ATT – Essen

10Micron partecipated to the ATT 2016, the biggest European astronomy exhibition, at the Baader Planetarium stand.   The event took place in […]

New AZ2000 HPS mount

The new AZ2000 HPS is a very versatile research mount, perfect for scientific activities such as satellite tracking, photometric and […]