New AZ DDS direct drive mounts

New AZ DDS direct drive mounts

One of our last project is a new generation of professional robotic mounts, in altazimuthal fork configuration with integrated derotator/focuser, in wich we applied our last Direct Drive System technology.

az dds mounts

The AZ5000 DDS is able to accomodate a dedicated 24″ optics (or other custom optics until about 26″) and features a single Nasmyth focus option.
The AZ8000 DDS can accomodate a 39″ dedicated optics or other custom optics until about 40″ and features both single or double Nasmyth focus options

At this page you can find more detailed information about the new AZ DDS Systems

If you want to know more specific details about the two models go to these pages:

AZ5000 DDS

AZ8000 DDS

az5000 newsAZ5000 24 web
On the left: One of the first prototype of AZ5000 DDS Mount, with a special variable payload bracket used for tests.
On the right: The new AZ5000 DDS with a CDK 24″ optics installed