AZ2500 DDS

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New altazimuth mount for top performance in terms of speed and tracking precision, also configurable in equatorial, especially suitable in satellite tracking and other demanding tasks


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The AZ2500 DDS is a new computerized, altazimuthal mount, built with state-of-the-art components and made in Italy with cutting-edge methods and advanced technologies. This mount has been designed to offer premium performances like very high pointing speed and top tracking accuracy, especially suitable for satellite tracking, laser communication, astronomy and atmoshpere research. 10Micron has been a leader in telescope mounts for over 20 years; our products have been chosen worldwide by Astronomical Observatories, Universities and Companies due to their technology, quality and reliability: this new mount will set a new standard for this special kind of equipment.


•Direct drive high torque motors
• Very high resolution absolute encoders
• Finest quality bearings
• Very stiff and compact body for top stability
• Very fast pointing speed up to 40°/sec
• Very accurate tracking
• Full stand alone control with provided keypad
• Internal sky model capability (up to 100 reference stars/points)
• Automatic modeling via optional software
• Focuser and derotator control
• Wide range of original accessories

Technical specs
Mount Type Atazimuthal (Equatorial as option)
Weight (mount only) 76 Kg
Sizes 460mm x 669mm
Instument payload capacity 75kg + 75kg (dual telescope configuration)
Bearings Premium quality, high precision bearings
Transmission system Direct Drive System
Motors High torque direct drive
Encoders High resolution abosulte encoders, industrail grade
Power supply 48V
Power consumption 10A (peak)
Go To speed 40°/sec
Pointing accuracy (typical) <10" RMS with internal multiple stars mapping (max 100 stars)
Average tracking accuracy +/- 1" typical for 15 minutes / 0.6" RMS with internal multiple star mapping (REAL sky observations)
Safety features Mechanical stops in both axis - Anti-wrap logic - Unbalance protection system
Dedicated Focuser/De Rotators GO-O and GO-1
Integrated database Stars: by name, Bayer designation, Flamsteed designation, Bright Star Catalogue, SAO, HIP,
HD, PPM, ADS, GCVS. Deep-sky: M, NGC, IC, PGC ,UGC limited up to mV = 16. Solar
system: Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, comets, artificial satellites. Equatorial and altazimuth
coordinates. User defined objects, fast slewing positions.
Firmware features User defined mount parking position, 2-stars and 3-stars alignment function, up to 100
alignment stars for modeling, correction of polar alignment and orthogonality errors, UTC-UT1
correctio, second leap correction, estimate of average pointing error, storage of multiple
pointing models, sidereal, solar and lunar tracking speed adjustable on both axes, declinationbased autoguide speed correction, adjustable horizon height limit, pointing and tracking past
meridian, assisted balance adjustment, manual or GPS (PPS signal) time and coordinates
setting, dome control via RS-232, configurable atmospheric refraction, comets and asteroids
filter, multi-language interface. Remote assistance via Internet connection.
Keypad control Rugged keypad with metal housing, backlit micro switches, dimmable graphic display with
heating system.
All the functions of the mount are available through the keypad without requiring an external
PC Control Remote control via RS-232 and Ethernet network.
Update of firmware and orbital elements for artificial satellites and minor planet objects.
Virtual keypad control panel replicating the functionality of the physical keypad.
Mount manager software including advanced user interface.
Usage of any client software supporting the ASCOM standard through proprietary ASCOM
driver, or through the LX200 compatible protocol.
NEW professional WEB interface

As special request we can provide an equatorial pier

Included items
  • AZ2500 DDS Mount
  • Control box
  • Keypad V2
  • Power supply
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