From November 1st 2006 the new “Forum” is on line : our customers can register their mounts and enjoy an exclusive reserved section for software and firmware upgrades download and for the F.A.Q. reading.
Over this, the 10Micron’s customers can share their best astronomical images in the Album section.

Go to the forum


Also visitors are welcome to enter the 10Micron forum: in this case it is necessary to register the personal profile and then they can access to all messages posted in the mounts section.
In this way the interested visitor can discover the 10Micron’s mounts features and he can take the experiences from those who have purchased and are using our mounts.
To use the forum’s customers reserved functions it is necessary to complete the automatic forum’s registration with all personal data and then asking to be activated sending a private message to the Admin user (with the special forum’s function); the Admin user will activate you as soon as possible.
To be activated as customer it is necessary to complete the line “Model, Serial number, Purchase date” with your 10Micron’s mount data and the signature line with your Name and Surname at least.
Note that only the 10Micron’s forum administrator can see these informations (“Model, Serial number, Purchase date).
In case that all requested informations are not filled , we can not activate your access to the reserved area.
By the way, we suggest you to specify your equipment specifications below the signature field as well,
– Mount: GM2000 QCI
– Optics: C11”
– Camera: ST10 SBIG…
When you are activated, you can :
– access to the F.A.Q. forum, where you can read all the answers to the frequent asked questions on the 10Micron’s mounts
– access to the upgrades forum, to download the 10Micron’s mount software and the firmware upgrades
– upload your images in the Album; the accepted format is jpeg, png or gif with a maximum size of 1000×1000 pixels and 1 Mega byte. All the images must come with a description: some of these images will be published on our website at the Gallery section.