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The Company

10Micron is a division of COMEC-Technology, an Italian precision mechanics and equipment Company, born in the sixties years.
From the beginning, COMEC goals have always been innovation, high quality, accuracy and affordability. Youth and experience are two “seasons” in man’s life that it is difficult to find blended within the same generation. But it’s just youth, experience and spirit of innovation that constitute the secret with which our company has faced its work over the past 50 years.
company and dome w
The Company today, with a Baader Planetarium Dome for instruments testing

Our History

Our history commenced in the 1950’s when our father’s passion for mechanics had a significative influence on his sons education. Fortified by this conviction, Mariotti brothers founded a small mechanical workshop in 1960. Aware of the will to continue, they established the current company premises in Caronno Pertusella in 1968.


The following years witnessed the continuous development of production with the design and construction of new machines and special equipment, for use in various sectors such as that of glass, food, jewelry and so on.

At the end of the 1980’s technological innovation, the advent of electronics and confrontation on ever more competitive markets made it essential for COMEC to expand the sphere of its activity.

Today the third generation has taken up the challenge of the new millennium, with the use of manufacturing and logistics structures covering an area of approximately 2000 sqm, surrounded by 3000 sqm of parkland, where it employs numerous workers whose professionalism and passion, combined with the use of forefront production systems, constitute a well-founded guarantee for the future, with the purpose of providing the customers with an ever more complete, high quality service.

The Birth of 10Micron division

Thanks to this philosophy and to the passion for astronomy and science, and after several years of experience, it has been possible to found the 10Micron division, specialized in design and production of astronomical telescope mounts with a professional grade of quality and with extraordinary and innovative features. New workers and new departments brought a so huge improvement in electronics and software fields that 10Micron developed exclusive, innovative and top level performance systems and became a leader in astronomical telescope mounts. 10Micron and COMEC power is based on this 50 years old experience and a continuos effort to improve, to keep updated on the last knowledge and to analysis the market and the customer needs.

mounting area p

Assembly area: a wide space is dedicated for the final assembly of the mounts.

10micron factory

Testing area and laboratories: in this area we can made deep tests on the electronic and mechanical parts in order to warranty that each delivered mount has passed our restrictive quality tests.

10micron production
One of the production departments: precision machinery is essential in order to reach the accuracy that has made 10Micron famous.

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10Micron is a division of:
Comec snc
Via Archimede 719
21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA) Italy
Tel: +39 02 96457330