In this section we introduce you some videos about our line of products, our significative installations or events in wich we attended…… enjoy!

New AZ DDs mounts

Introducing the new AZ DDS mounts, video by BAADER Planetarium

AZ5000 DDS demo video

Short demo video of the new AZ5000 DDS (with a CDK 24" optics) moving at about 40°/sec.

Assembling a 24" optics on the AZ5000 DDS

Our team shows the preliminary phase to place a CDK 24" on the AZ5000 DDS. Fine tuning is then necessary.

10Micron products by Unitronitalia

Thanks to our Dealer Unitronitalia, we are glad to offer you this video showing a short introduction about our factory and our products.

GM4000 HPS II at OAM, Mallorca

Our European Dealer Baader Planetarium installed a Robotic Observatory with a 10Micron GM4000 HPS Mount for the Hambourg University, in Mallorca OAM.

10Micron mounts at ATT 2014

A short video of Baader/10Micron stand at ATT 2014 exhibition, Essen (Germany)