Astronomy Magazine 2018 STAR PRODUTC

Astronomy Magazine 2018 STAR PRODUTC

The prestigious Astronomy Magazine elected our GM1000 HPS as the nr.1 of the eighth “STAR PRODUCTS” for 2018!

1 – 10MICRON  GM1000 HPS – German Equatorial mount

The importance of a high-quality Mount rises exponentially as telescope aperture and weight grow. To address this, 10Micron from Pertusella, Italy, offers a series of German equatorial mounts for serious scopes. The smallest, the GM1000 HPS, can handle a 55-pound (25 kilograms) scope. Inside, a pair of servo motors drives a worm gear smoothly, with zero backlash. Users can control the mount either with the included hand controller, or by connecting it via Ethernet to a PC with the RS-232 serial port. The RS-232 port can also control a dome, making this mount ideal for robotic observatories

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