10Micron Professional telescope mounts

10Micron has always been very attentive to the needs of the professional applications; HPS and QCI technology is established as extremely efficient and versatile solutions and satisfies the demanding requirements of professional, scientific and research applications; several astronomical observatories, universities, private companies in the world have chosen our HPS and QCI series as professional telescope mounts and we think this is the best demonstration of our quality, innovation, technology and affordability. 10Micron mounts are the perfect choice to build a robotic observatory.

Professional telescope mounts

A network of GM2000 mounts installed at the OAVDA Observatory – Italy

Our philosophy encourages us to never stop our research and improvements in all the fields, continuing to expand the product line to meet emerging customer needs; based on a deep understanding of ever-changing market, 10Micron pioneers technological solutions and invests on the most efficient manufacturing processes; thanks to all this efforts we recently got another important achievement, the AZ DDS ROBOTIC mounts: this project was specially designed to satisfy modern requirements of professional astronomy applications, satellite tracking, atmospheric research and so on.

We are able to supply a wide range of professional telescope mounts to satisfy different payload requirements and instruments accommodation.

QCI and HPS series features a German Equatorial configuration, offering a versatile platform, suitable for any kind of optical instrument and with the possibility to interchange different instruments.

QCI and HPS products:

gm logo 800

AZ DDS series offers a new perspective thanks to the latest technical solutions; with its Special fork design, Direct Drive System, Extremely high resolution encoders, Integrated derotator-focuser, dual Nasmyth focus option and so on, this is one of our recent work for our professional customers looking for a top level fork configuration. This mount is part of a wider project, in order to offer a complete telescope system featuring all the newer achievements in optics, mechanics and electronics field.

DDS products

az dds mounts