10Micron for Research

GM2000 TNG

GM2000 QCI Mount at the TNG site for DIMM activity

Working for research applications is unquestionably a huge motivation for us, because we feel to be involved in our customers efforts to expand human knowledge.

Thank’ to this philosophy, 10Micron keeps evolving, investing in research and development and keeping updated about the ever-changing market and the growing customer’s needs. Our products are used worldwide by prestigious Universities, Observatories, Companies, also in extreme environments, thanks to their extraordinary features. We like to think that our products can pass to their users all our passion through their quality and help them in their job.

We can offer several configurations for research grade applications: from the extremely versatile German Equatorial mounts, such as the QCI and HPS family, which are available in different sizes and payload capacity, to our newest AZ DDS robotic mounts, with our exclusive fork design and professional features, suitable for heavy optical instruments.
Several astronomical observatories, universities, private companies in the world have chosen our HPS and QCI series mounts and we think this is the best demonstration of our quality, innovation, technology and affordability.

Our QCI and HPS research grade products:

gm logo 800

AZ DDS series offers a new perspective thanks to the latest technical solutions; with its Special fork design, Direct Drive System, Extremely high resolution encoders, Integrated derotator-focuser, dual Nasmyth focus option and so on, this is one of our recent work for our professional customers looking for a top level fork configuration. This mount is part of a wider project, in order to offer a complete telescope system featuring all the newer achievements in optics, mechanics and electronics field.

az dds mounts