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Wooden tripod by Geoptik, custom made for 10Micron (for GM1000 & BM100L mounts) - complete with 10Micron upholstered Cordura transport-bag.


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Custom made by Geoptik for 10 Micron for the GM1000 and BM1000L mounts, this is a fine wooden tripod, with a finely CNC machined and anodized aluminum base. The legs are made of “first choice”  beech wood”, treated for outdoor use. This material guarantee excellent stability and vibration damping, also in case  of heavy loads.

The height of the tripod can range from 950 mm to 1100 mm (37.4” to 43.3 “) through extensible anodized aluminum extensions.

The extension’s tips are reversible, offering the possibility of a round rubber or a sharp metal tip. The triangle-shaped accessory tray, made in  laminated beech, offers several holes to accommodate 31.8 and 50.8mm eyepieces. 10Micron upholstered Cordura transport-bag

Technical specs
  • Beech wood specially treated for outdoor use
  • Extendible tip extensions to vary the height from 950 mm to 1100 mm (37.4” to 43.3 “)
  • Double tip: round rubber or sharp aluminum tip
  • Tripod weight: 12kg (26.4 lbs)
  • 10Micron upholstered Cordura transport-bag
  • Customized for GM1000HPS and BM100L
  • Machined and anodized aluminum base
  • Payload: 80 kg (176 lbs) max.
  • Total weight (tripod & Cordura bag): 13.5 Kg (29.7 lbs)
  • Product code: 10M1056
Included items
  • Hercules Tripod for GM1000 and BM100L, ready to use
  • Wooden accessory tray
  • Cordura bag
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