Full Package GM 2000 HPS II Ultraport / Combi – PEGASUS

SKU: SKU: 10M2021

Optional package to complete the GM2000 HPS II Ultraport / Combi, including the PEGASUS tripod and a selection of the most important accessories



This package includes the most important accessories to get your 10Micron GM2000 HPS II Ultraport /Combi ready to use, offering the best level of quality.

The supplied accessories are:

  • Counterweight set 6kg (#10M2075) and 12kg (#10M2080) stainless steel,
  • Losmandy 3″ compatible clamping plate (#10M2085)
  • PEGASUS tripod (#10M2056) , complete with 10Micron upholstered Cordura transport-bag
  • Mounting-Head Protective Cover (#10M2065)
  • Mount’s and counterweights professional PLB transport resin cases: (#10M2063H)
  • Perseus Software Package (#10M5010)
  • Power-Supply mobile type   240V /  24V – 6A 150W  (#10M2060)

No compatible accessory

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