Firmware-Upgrade USB key 10Micron V. 2.x

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Firmware-Upgrade USB key 10Micron V. 2.x – with high speed satellite tracking function and much more. (for old QCI V.1.x mounts)


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The firmware upgrade to the version V.2X allows the old QCI V.1.x mount to access to the new several features.

Warning: this update is suitable only for the old QCI V 1.X mounts: all the new QCI Mount already include this firmware and don’t need the update

Main features with the V.2.X firmware:

  • User defined mount parking positions
  • 2stars and 3stars initial alignment function
  • Up to 100 alignment stars for modeling
  • Correction of polar alignment and orthogonality errors
  • Estimation of average pointing error
  • Storage of multiple pointing models
  • Sidereal, solar and lunar tracking speed adjustable on both axes
  • Entering satellites and comet orbital parameters to track their trajectories
  • Declination-based autoguide speed correction
  • Adjustable horizon height limit, pointing and tracking past meridian
  • Assisted electronic balance adjustment
  • Automatic (ClockSync proprietary software), manual or GPS time & site coordinates synchronization
  • Leap seconds support and full accounting for the UT1-UTC timescale
  • Configurable atmospheric refraction,
  • Direct dome control via RS-232
  • Network settings, comets and asteroids filter
  • Multi-language interface.
  • Remote Assist via Internet connection with dedicated server.


Included items
  • Firmware-Upgrade USB key 10Micron V. 2.x

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