AZ3000 HPS

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Altazimuthal mount, exclusive 10Micron HPS technology with absolute axis-encoders and high performances motor drives; payload capacity of 100 +55 Kg (220+ 143 lbs) in dual telescope configuration optional


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The new AZ3000 HPS is an altazimuth mount based on the mechanics of the GM3000. The AZ3000 HPS is a very versatile research mount, perfect for scientific activities such as satellite tracking, photometric and astrometric measurements, LiDaR laser applications and so on. Due to its altazimuthal design, it’s necessary an optional field de-rotator (ASCOM compatible) in order to get long exposures without field rotation.
The standard version allows to assembly the optics to only a side of the mount and is supplied with a short counterweight bar. It’s not necessary to exactly counterbalance the weight of the telescope: using counterweigths for about 50% of your payload to get a sufficient stable configuration.
An option is available for a dual telescope configuration, as shown on the pictueres above (see options for further details).

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10Micron AZ HPS Mounts

AZ3000 HPS - Dimensions

AZ3000 HPS DDT - Dimensions


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