Double telescope option AZ3000 HPS

SKU: 10M300DAZ

This special option for the AZ3000 Mount allows to use two (or more) optics side by side.


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This special accessory is dedicated to the AZ3000 HPS Mount and allows the use of two or more optics in a side by side setup, Optimizing the load of the Mount and taking advantage of the altazimuth configuration.

The Double telescope option i s compatible with all the plates used on the GM3000 series, inlcuded the dual plates Loduel and Maxidual; in this way is possible to use directly 4 optics, 2 per side.

Designed to offer a great sturdiness with no flexures, is all made from machined aluminized alloy. You can order the AZ3000 HPS Mount already configured with the Double Telescope option, or buy it after as an accessory.

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Double telescope accessory and screws

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